“The lowly dandelion is one of the best day-to-day remedies for cooling and strengthening the liver.  When the liver is overworked from processing heavy emotions, environmental or endogenous toxins, or heat of pathogenic origin (virus, bacteria, etc.), dandelion is a safe and effective remedy.  Also, its nutritional value is excellent, since both the roots and the leave are rich in nutrients and minerals.” -Christopher Hobbs

“Both the traditional use and modern research point toward an anti-carncinogenic activity, especially for breast cancer.  One cancer-protective compound in dandelion was shown to be a glucose polymer similar to lentinan (from shiitake), called TOf-CFr.  Also dandelion has demonstrated estrogen-lowering capabilities.  Medical science is currently accepting the connection between excessive levels of estrogen and breast cancer–and in holistic thought, it is the liver that must clear excess estrogen and thus reduce the risk of cancer.” p.254 Foundations of Health, The Liver & Digestive Herbal – Christopher Hobbs


brooklyn’s finest halloween party! ORIGINAL costumes only.

nat turner walked in with ripped burlap shorts and shirt. strong core. machete across his back……and barefoot. he clutched four stringy haired heads in his bloody hands. his date for the night, a sista i met on flatbush last year, has to serve him his jack daniels through the evening since the heads are securely glued to his plastic slip on hands. twisted mouths and frightened eyes are upon the four heads faces. four esophaguses dangling. DOPE!  it’s a sight to see. i’m so happy nat came thru to my bklyn head bash hallows eve party. i remember when i met nat turners date, she told me she’s south american. she gave me an earful about the quilombos and said some other sht about the gardifuna people in belize and honduras. she came as dandara. cornrows were perfect. fire in her eye…tending to her man.

the ORIGINALS hallows eve party is hot cuz folks really came thru acting the part. not just some silly sht like, “i’m dressed up as marcus garvey, but i’mma fart in the pillows on the sofas and giggle all night”. awww nawww, hellz naw! folks iz ACKTIN! everybody is laughing at the twins that came as malcolm little and malcolm x. detroit red is gettin it INN!!! i mean throwing back the shots n ay’thang and a white woman on his arm….but malcolm x is drinking alkaline water staying straight as a pencil….thus far. his real life muslim wife came straight from work to the party with no time to change, but she fit right in as a great betty. stoic, poised and serious.  nobody showed up as el hajj malik el-shabazz….i found that unfortunate.

some skinny chick got the notion she was body enough to show up in the ruff. i will admit, her fingerwaves were bumpin and all the poses she did were in great taste. it was a peace crowd so none of the fellas got outta line with ms josephine baker.

her homegirl was naked too. called herself sarah baartman, but quickly realized nobody was familiar with that so she switched up and began introducing herself as venus hottentot. venus was telling harriet tubman how she was promised gold if she left south africa and pursued a career in europe. she said they lied to her and poked and prodded at her in a filthy circus. and that the men would rape her and leave her….often with diseases. they’d show crowds her labia because they were so intrigued it could grow so bountifully. what a true and living horror show! her presentation moved me. harriet flashed a shiny 45 on her hip to venus and assured her that NOBODY would be poking and prodding tonight!

there was a mutual respect for all of the costumes and characters. the artistry, craftsmanship and intelligence that went into each character spoke so loudly that the entire room had a strong vibration. it was so thick that a real  musician could make out the note the vibration was giving off. maybe a D minor…JBs favorite key…..hmmmmmm.

even my old man joined in. pop is 77 and really can’t hang too late. he was a bit annoyed that the festivities started during his bedtime, so he decided to show up as emmett till. i did a pretty good job with his facial distortion makeup. i wept as i mushed a face mask to resemble emmett’s battered and bloated face. the spirit of his mama came thru me as i worked. pop laid in that casket all night knocked out and snoring while me and my peeps partied and paid our respects to the precocious young brotha.

my homegirl slithered in as the white woman from the movie rosewood….the one that lied about the rape. i gave her two thumbs up. i personally thought she came thru hardbody for her choice in character and costume. the worse part about women at halloween parties nowadays is that everybody wants to be sexy. can’t be a sexy slave. can’t be a sexy harriet tubman….unless of course you’re the type that finds a gun toting stone faced freedom fighter sexy. in that case, CALL ME! lol. and you most certainly can’t be a sexy poor white trash pathetic housewife that feels black people are disposable and truth is something to play with in the name of god. she said, “well, you did request we come as either pre slave trade or antebellum characters directly related to black history….and i figured your other white friends would bitch up and try to be something ‘nice’ during those days. i chose to be exactly what was going on”.

she wasn’t lying though. a girl i invited from the office came as harriet becher stowe and her husband came as ben franklin. thank goodness my cousin came as william, the illegitimate son of ben franklin. schooling ben and his wife harriet on the whole history. probably gonna talk their ears off all nite. they either leave enlightened or promising never to subject themselves to being outnumbered again. lol.

my senegalese sister in law came thru and brought her crew. one was an interpreter for european explorers….and she really does speak 5 languages and about 10 dialects. her costume is well put together. she’s looking like a female moor. after sippin on a few of nucomme’s witches brews – i think she had mother’s milk with rum-  she got really emotional, crying and spewing, “i taught you dirty broads how to bathe your filthy asses and now you treat me like a piece of garbage to step over and on?! whatever bitch! i’m the original queen! i’m the mother of this planet earth! you came from me. i taught you how to be a woman and you thank me by distorting my beauty, making me out to be some wild beast?!”

there was a lot of venting going on at this party. conjuring of sorts. not a safe place for fake folks. i think that’s why those office heads left early. the truth serum was getting into the blood and igniting melanated thoughts. speaking of moors…..this one bro couldn’t put the pimp hat down. had to come thru as a moor with six puerto rican chicks – that he keeps calling “spanish”. they’re in sexy rags and keep squealing “amoor, amoorrrrrrr, amoooooooooorrrrrrrr”. i give him E for effort! sisters are tight they up in here, but did he lie?

there are so many more folks to write about. i’m mingling with them right now. let me get back to the festivities of the evening. my homegirl catering the party got on a mammy outfit…not mUmmy, but MAmmy…and it don’t help she a big girl. i almost died when i opened the door. i said, “girl i thought you just came to work tonight” and she jumped right into character and said, “i’s here tuh serves u miss ann”.

oh, that brings me to my character. i’m in whiteface tonight. my name is madame lalaurie and i’m head of this whole operation! i even got a little pedestal to sit on and a slave girl named leah to fetch for me.i even put a bucket under my dress to give that “i really wish i had an african ass” effect.

got a nice leather wip too!!!! oh you haven’t heard of my tale? google me. i’m known as the brutal female slave master. i tortured so many worthless niggers that it took over 40 years for anyone to buy my n’orleans property. i used to perform sex changes on well endowed male slaves. i spearheaded the idea of a strap on! i reset a slave girls joints to resemble a crab. i also kept a room stocked with slave body parts in jars!!!! a house of horrors indeed. and guess who finally purchased my property for $3,450,000? nicholas CAGE of all last names!!!!

anyway, since i couldn’t get any of my male friends to play timbuck, my sex slave….i had to hire this model. he’s been walking around all night saying one line….”hi….i’m mandingo”. he’s corny, but i have to dominate our relationship anyway, so it’s working thus far. but i really got my eye on troy davis tonight. his beautiful light is gleaming. he whispered in my ear, “eYe, i got some great things to tell you about what’s going on behind the scene in the underworld. many blood sacrifices lined up in the coming years. get ready for this rule to crumble. it’ll be a grande day.”

i’ll report back. in the meantime, enjoy your evening…and be ORIGINAL!

eYe 11/30/10


i can see it in the crack of your lip

i can see it in the stiff of your hip

i can see it in the crunch of your hair

and the yellow jaundice color in your stare.

the dryness flaking off your face

the inability to keep pace

and your chase

to be a part of the race

has you high on caffeine and cigarettes laced

with sugar….the ultimate supa dryer

don’t think there was anything worse, prior.

now that you’re hooked

wake booked

life that was yours has slowly been took.

now you paint on an aura

and spray on a glow

but you can’t be supafly

with that supaDRY flow…



the goat…

got RAW milk?

yes, we’re leaving capricorn and moving into aquarius, but i didn’t give my due respects to the goat (capricorn). so i decided to order some real food from my goat farmer and boy did he deliver!

i love MEADOW RIDGE FARM!!! my goat farmer has a NO SOY, NO HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS & NO GMO practice…..AND he delivers!!!! can’t beat that with a bat!

i’m not really feeling being wordy today. don’t feel like being preachy or teachy. i know the health benefits of raw dairy and definitely know the added benefits of raw goat dairy. nobody had to beat me in the head to get here either. after one little nudge, i convinced myself! i pray you find your way with food, health and well being, but trust i’ll be back with more blogs beating you in the head, being preachy and teachy and listing all the many health benefits of whatever it is i’m building on in the moment.

i’m most excited to received my order of raw beet kvass, raw goat kefir, raw goat cheese, sprouted bread and NO SOY EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! my farmer is THE BEST!!!! don’t swell, be well. here’s a picture for your mind…


thru the seed…

sprouted corn tortillas

one summer, my college boyfriend and i stayed on umass campus instead of returning home to our black lives in our respective hoods. pockets got tight, so one afternoon he headed out on a pedal bike (ROFLMAO) with a mission. he returned with two hand fulls of produce. nice ripe tomatoes, some greenery and a few ears of abnormally large corn. we both stared at it and he told me to cook it up. mind you, this is the early 90’s, not early 1900s. LOL! anyway, we both took one bite out of what was probably the first batch of monsanto corn ever planted and spit it out immediately. WTH? there was no dressing up of this corn. butter, salt…nothing would work. we agreed that the corn was probably specially grafted to accommodate the grazing cows and wasn’t fit for human consumption. fast fwd and i’m considering we probably were tasting corn in it’s raw state that was for processing purposes….meaning, to produce high fructose corn syrup, dextrin, maltodextrin, malt, caramel, msg, mon and di-glyerides, food starch, vanilla extract, etc. lesson taught me that when you’re hungry, you will steal. also taught me that just cuz it grow like food and look like food, don’t make it food.


sugar made us crazy

spiritually lazy

rotten teeth

wild as beasts

and never makin baby.

i’m a

product of high fructose corn syrup product

i am, we are


children of the corn.

these are the biblical conditions

under which we’ve been born.

this generation don’t run so fast or far.

we kill parents

we kill children

we save house

we save car.

elders have alzheimer’s

babies have diabetes.

only corn cereals

no more total

no more wheaties.

three year olds with prescription glasses

20 year olds with fake tits n asses

we’re weaker physically

and mentally.

we’re children born on corn.

we anger quick

and cool quicker.

that can’t be sane.

missing teeth

have pathways to the brain.

mercury too

have you seeing things

that nobody else do.

corn in my drink. it’s a cheaper sweetener.

corn in my meat. it’s a cheaper filler.

corn in my chicken feed

veggie man think he safer eatin weeds.

is a genetically modified leaf

better than some gmo beef?

corn in my soup, pretzels and bread

while maintaining the flyest corn row style

in my head.

can’t find a snack!

there’s corn in that!

some say it’s healthy cuz it’s a veggie.

that stone and twig science will MAKE you a veggie.

while some claim

they’re unchanged

as they join the craze

eYe keeps shouting and shouting


my ancestors blessed their food

by soaking and sprouting

it’s those ancestral ways you’ve got to stop doubting!

some managed to survive the era

navigated thru the terror

a perfect girl. a healthy boy.

but watch out now…

here comes


– eYe